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Years of searching while trusting and following Divine intuitive guidance and accessing the sacred process of PSYCH-K has gifted me a life of healthmeaning, passion, and purpose.


But things weren't always this way...and challenges still show up in along the path of my lifetime. However, as Dr. Brene Brown says, it is not about trying to avoid living life, it is about knowing we are strong enough to get back up and learn from what happens. It's about garnering our courage each day, and sometimes moment-by-moment when things are really tough. It's about knowing, as Glennon Doyle says in her book, "Untamed," we can do hard things.  


I am glad that I don't have to go it alone in this human lifetime, and I hope you will join me in taking steps to strengthen your connection with Divine Universal intuition and consider either learning or accessing a modality, such as PSYCH-K or another modality, that provides you with the ability to change your life-limiting subconscious beliefs that are running your life (your thoughts, emotions, choices, and actions) at least 95% of the time. 

So, like most people, my life has its challenges. Here's a little bit more about my journey thus far...


As much as I am grateful for my upbringing, as is true for everyone, my parents' conditioned beliefs and my early life experiences shaped my own conditioned self-limiting beliefs into a mindset where I felt trapped.

I cared far too much about pleasing others at the expense of my own physical health and emotional wellbeing. Although I hid this from others, I felt insignificant and unworthy, except when I was helping.

With the belief of "the one thing no one can ever take from you is your education," I earned an undergraduate degree, two graduate degrees, and I undertook a career as psychologist working with school systems and individuals. I found that working for school systems provided a guarantee of benefits and a retirement package, but it was difficult spending so much of my time in a setting where spiritual counseling and PSYCH-K® were not permitted despite their effectiveness. 


Teaching classes at church provided an outlet for my desire to provide spiritual counseling, but my spirit longed to search beyond the limitations of the dogma of the Christian church...there were too many church doctrines that fell short of  Jesus' words and teachings. Reading other texts not only enhanced and deepened my interpretation of New Testament scripture,  but also opened my eyes to possiblities beyond what the church provides. Texts authored by Phillip Yancey, Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Carolyn Myss, Dr. Deepak Choprah, Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Glennon Doyle, and Anita Moorjani resonated with my spirit. 


I had a good job, the children I'd always dreamed of, and a marriage that looked good from the outside. From everyone else's perspective, it seemed I had everything one would need to be happy...

Except I wasn't.


An intense need to please, along with an anxiety disorder, was contributing to high levels of stress. Various illnesses showed up, confirming my life was out of alignment with my life's plan. In some cases, I leaned into the illnesses to discover the message behind them; in other cases, I  kept plowing through my life just trying to manage (see the _______________ blog post to read how I healed from a diagnosed thyroid condition and burned-out adrenals without medical intervention). 


Being with my mother in hospice during her transition to the next life provided the blessing of a shared/empathetic death experience, which opened a direct connection with the Holy Spirit (as was my understanding at the time based on church teachings), and in my current understanding, my Spirit/Soul/Higher Self/Divine/All That Is.


Despite nurturing this connection and incorporating the guidance I received into my daily life and major life decisions, the anxiety and nagging people pleasing habits remained and continued to have a negative effect me. When Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you," I was treating others very well, but not myself. 


Then a close friend introduced me to the miracles PSYCH-K® brought into her life and how, through PSYCH-K®, her self-limiting beliefs transformed into beliefs that supported her courageous life changes. Guidance from my Spirit/Higher Self, along with learning that the creation and the process of PSYCH-K® is 100% spirit-guided, led to a knowing that learning PSYCH-K® was the next critical step in my spiritual evolution. Certain of this, I enrolled in all the classes and now have thousands of hours of experience with facilitating PSYCH-K® with myself and hundreds of others. 


I experienced extraordinary transformation during the PSYCH-K® classes that led to healing conditions that plagued me for years including: gluten sensitivity, sensory processing disorder, eating disorder, nosebleeds, anxiety, people-pleasing at my own expense, anxiety disorder, and other stress-related conditions. 

Unlike the psychology/counseling/therapy techniques I had been trained in as a graduate student and through seminars as a Licensed Educational Psychologist and psychologist for school systems, I was healed of the things listed above quickly through the application of the efficient and spiritually-based methods of  PSYCH-K®.


At the heart of it, PSYCH-K® is a sacred, spiritual experience and while it does address everyday issues, it is with the understanding that there is a spiritual basis - there is a reason and meaning - behind everything that occurs in our lives. During PSYCH-K® sessions, many aspects you are addressed on many levels including, but not limited to: subconconscious belief change, conscious revelations, organization and distribution of energy in the body, and increased awareness and experience of spirit-led possibilities. It helps you transform the life challenges you, or anyone in your life, are currently facing.


In addition to my education and experience as a Licensed Educational Psychologist, I have the abilities of an empath, medium, and intuitive that came to me during the shared death experience (SDE) as my mother's spirit departed her body for the heavens. These have proven to be most helpful during sessions for connecting with loved ones on the other side of the veil. While engaging in PSYCH-K® transformational processes, clients who are open to it have had the opportunity to interact with their loves ones who have transitioned to the other side of the veil. Other times, their loved ones wish to communicate with them through me, but this occurs only if the client is comfortable with this interaction. Also, if you have a loved one who is still in the body, but is unable to communicate with you directly (advanced dementia, coma, severe form of autism oor intellectual disability, etc.) communication with them is also possible during sessions if the client expresses wanting to do so.  

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