What to Expect During & After Your PSYCH-K® Session:


Your first PSYCH-K® session is 1½ hours with the last 30 minutes of the session being a free welcome gift from me to you. At the beginning of your first PSYCH-K® session, we will do a quick review of the information on your questionnaire. I highly encourage you to complete the questionnaire (which is sent to you through email) because it helps to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your session.

Then we will do what is known as “establish communication.” If we are meeting in person, I will lead you through a short series of muscle testing questions to make sure your system is calibrated and ready to respond reliably. If we are meeting over the phone or online (Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts), then I will complete a quick and simple process known as surrogation that is supported by quantum physics and the Zero Point Field that allows me to muscle test on your behalf.

Next, I always recommend to those who are new to working with PSYCH-K® that your first balance be that your subconscious mind believes that PSYCH-K® works for you. We do this first because if we complete PSYCH-K® balances with the goal of changing your self-limiting beliefs to self-enhancing beliefs, but the whole time your subconscious mind did not believe that PSYCH-K® works, then it is likely that all that progress could be lost!

Then, we will move on to addressing the first issue you would like to address while I provide Isumataq (sacred space in which you inner wisdom is revealed). Regardless of whether your
PSYCH-K® session is in-person, over the phone, or online, you will be completing the physical balances, and therefore, have the opportunity to experience them.

Near the end of the first session, you will create a simple Action Step thatserves the following purposes: (1) provides evidence of the change to your brain's left hemisphere (the analytical "got to figure this out" part, (2) provides your conscious mind with the opportunity to plan and participate in bringing about new opportunities in your life, and (3) accelerates the transformation process. The Action Step is essential because without it, your new subconscious beliefs are like new icons on your computer screen that are unopened. Action (and sometimes courage!) is required, and a small step in a self-enhancing new direction is all that is needed to get started.  


At the conclusion of your first PSYCH-K® session, you may wish to schedule another session, but I will not suggest it. Instead, I will encourage you to take a few days to experience the aftereffects of your PSYCH-K® session before contacting me about subsequent sessions. For subsequent sessions, most people prefer sessions that are 90 minutes in length while others prefer sessions up to 3 hours in length. One-hour sessions are also available. Please feel free to ask me about discounts for multi-hour sessions and packages.

After your PSYCH-K® session, I will send you a follow-up email that lists your Action Step(s) and all the Goal Statements for which balances were completed (also known as:  previously self-limiting programs in your subconscious mind that are now self-enhancing beliefs!).


The customary charge for sessions is $240 per hour. Paying for your PSYCH-K® session is easy and secure. Whether your session is in-person, online, or over the phone, your payment transaction is completed through PayPal. You will not share your credit card information with me or anyone else – just with PayPal and their reputation of over 15+ years of providing secure transactions.