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Any aspect of our lives can be transformed.

Those of us who are older realize that willpower and determination can only take us only so far inlife.

A supportive environment is needed and, as many of us have learned in the past two years,

not only do we need each other people, we need to reach beyond our ordinary, everyday existence

to a greater source for help and guidance.


The wide array of services I provide includes a unique, individualized mixture based on your current needs.

With my 25 years' experience as a psychologist, I am able to quickly help you to discover the root causes of your life challenges. These challenges are then resolved at the level of the mind where these root causes are stored - in your subconscious mind - with the assistance of efficient PSYCH-K® processes. Be assured, a safe, nonjudgmental therapeutic environment is provided.

With the increase of loved ones who are dying and transitioning from this life to the next in recent years, you may have had an experience that others may find unusual and difficult to relate to such:

as your loved one appearing to you after their body has died,

you helping your loved one cross over and find the light,

or possibly you accompanying them at least part way on their journey.

In 2009, Dr. Raymond Moody gave us a name for these types of events:

Shared Death Experiences (SDEs).

I have personally had 4 SDEs: one with my mother, one with my unborn child, and two with beloved pets. 

 Some of you may have experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) or other Transformative Spiritual Experience (TSE) that, like an SDE, might have changed who you are at the level of your values, priorities, integrity, hopes and dreams, and perspective of what is important in your life. 

You, like many people, may have found that your loved ones, friends, and co-workers

are having a hard time adjusting to the new you. 

As someone with my background not only as a psychologist, but who has been in a state of perpetual transformation since the SDE that occurred 1998 when my spirit traveled into heaven with my mother at the time of her transition from this life to the next, I am well-versed in the challenges that inevitably arise when who you are at your core has have changed, but those around you have not. 

wish to experience a spiritual life transformation that deepens your current faith,

while others may wish to explore beyond their religious backgrounds...

Be assured, I respect each person's religious beliefs (or absence of beliefs)

and I use language with which they are comfortable.


If you have recently experienced the death of a loved one and wish to connect with them,

I am a medium, which means I am able to communicate with those who have crossed over into the next realm. 

If you have a loved one who is getting close to death

(transitioning to the next life, the afterlife) and is unable to communicate due

to a stroke or other incapacitating health condition, as a medium and

PSYCH-K® facilitator, I am able to communicate with their Spirit/Soul/Higher Self so that you may better meet whatever needs they may have during this difficult time. This communication will facilitate an understanding between the two of you,

and it may provide them with the deep peace and acceptance of their condition...

Remembering Your Spirit.png

Oprah Winfrey, the quintessential leader of women everywhere...the day she bravely introduced

"Remembering Your Spirit"  

on a major network years ago, my spirit sang with joy. 

With Oprah dedicating time to beautifully convey the importance of attending to our spirits,

I felt renewed hope of finding others with whom I could connect on my spiritual journey.

My longing for this connection with others on the spiritual path originated when I

experienced a shared/empathic transitional death experience

at the time of my mother's transition from this life to the next in 1998.

Instead of celebrating this incredible blessing, the rest of the family rejected the news of

my spirit/soul accompanying my mom's miraculous and incredible journey to heaven.



About a year later, I tried again, this time during a women's Bible study group at a friend's church.

"Surely, people at church will understand," I thought. I offered comfort to a distraught woman

by telling the group of my shared/empathetic death experience because

the woman was terribly upset about the possibility of her own, unchurched mother going to hell

(based on the teachings of that particular Baptist church). My offering was not received well by the group,

including the minister's wife, who informed me that "such nonsense is of the devil."



Having my own family and my friend's church members reject 

this sacred experience drove me underground.

For years, the only other person I told of the shared/empathic

death experience (SDE) was my counselor, who, although

a member of the Lutheran church, is a Christian mystic.

My counselor welcomed and encouraged my spiritual growth,

and she explained that

a portal to directly experiencing the Divine

had been opened for me.

spirit mind body.png



Despite the clarity of the my communication with the Divine, I was hesitant to incorporate it fully into my life...until I fell ill...

so ill that I could not participate in my daily life,

as I was bedridden much of the time.

My doctor was reluctant to radioactively kill my thyroid and leave me dependent on Synthroid for the rest of my life. Although I was frustrated by his reluctance to, in my view, help me get back on track with my life,

reflection reveals the blessing of him being from the other half of the world, where insights into the mind-body-spirit connection have predominated and thrived for centuries. 

Despite my frustration, desperation, and angst, I could feel he truly cared about his patients. After asking and listening for an answer from the Divine, I accepted this sliver of hope, offered by a young doctor wise beyond his years.  Deep within I knew the answers to my illness lay on the other side of these insights.

house on fire.png


My spiritual counselor agreed with my doctor. She told me the following metaphor, which resonated deeply in my spirit.   

"It's as if your house is on fire and you aren't aware of it. This fire, which is the illness, is noticed by your neighbor, who runs to your house and presses insistently on your doorbell repeatedly to get your attention. If you choose to ignore the warning of danger, and disconnect the doorbell wiring, you will no longer hear the doorbell, and you will believe you are okay. But in reality, your house is still on fire. The only way to truly resolve what is going on is to put out the fire, as well as find the source of the fire to prevent other fires from occurring."


I would like to say I had an ephiphany and all was well very soon, but I'm human and old habits --- those pesky self-limiting beliefs programmed in my subconscious mind --- tried to prevail for a while...until it was a fire raging out of control.

So much of what I identified with, that which I thought I was, that which I felt proud of, went away. During the illness,

there was no possibility of my Type A habits continuing due to severe short-term memory disappeared...

my IQ dropped precipitously...I could not work...I was bedridden much of the time.   

Spirit school.png


I found my body so weakened that I could not keep my eyes open to read unless it was something I was directly led to read, and then I would feel the infusion of Divine energy and I miraculously experienced swift understanding of what I read; then the energy would leave me and my eyes would close when the portion of that reading concluded. I tried reading things for enjoyment of my own choice, but I could not comprehend the text. Making my own decisions about what I read and when I read it were no longer possible.

As the months of my illness continued, I realized the Divine Benevolence had arranged for me to be in a spiritual school of sorts. Exactly what I needed to learn at any given time was provided, as was the physical ability to attend and absorb the information. The guidance had the perfect sequence of information needed for my understanding of the Divine and my part in my life's plan to blossom. 



While the illness did not improve right away, I fell in love with spending time with the Divine Benevolent Energy. When led to read certain passages, I read. When led to close my eyes and commune with the energy of Divine Presence, I lovingly communed. Our beautiful two-year-old, born with peaceful patience and a love for nature, embodied and modeled for me

how to slow down and experience the joy of being. I had no choice except to put aside my previous lifestype of doing, always doing, and over time the shame and guilt of not doing melted away into the serenity of peaceful, joyful commune with the Divine and the sweet beingness of our son.


Upon the recommendation of a friend, I began seeing a kinesiologist chiropractor

and she recommended holistic remedies. When I was guided to do so, I visited a medium, and learned about the choices we each make relating to the power we are entrusted with, and I learned that I am not a victim because I have significant influence over the course of my life through the choices of free will I make.

Once the spiritual understanding and knowing that was vital to my healing was accomplished, the medically diagnosed illness quickly resolved and my TSH and T3 Free lab results returned to normal. 


I changed some of my old ways...I decided not to return to work, I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom.



Other events have occurred, major ones, but now it's easier for me to view them as having worth, even though experiencing those times can be stressful and sometimes, sad. 

I discovered, quite by accident, that I easily communicate with departed loved ones (my loved ones and the loved ones of others). Animals and children trust me almost immediately...they sense I am safe and I can be trusted.

My accepting, forgiving nature is enhanced with a deep respect and regard for all of life and for each person's choices . I understand quite well from my own journey that my place is to offer a sacred haven of healing and that I am not the "healer," but rather, the conduit through which healing occurs. 

I embrace who I am, and if you wish for your journey to include me as a part of your spiritual life transition, I would be humbly honored.

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