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Why taking action creates success

Link your conscious mind into your PSYCH-K transformation

You've read Dr. Bruce Lipton's Biology of Belief and now you're a believer. After experiencing your PSYCH-K session, your transformation is now possible. With the subconscious programming transformed, you're ready to make changes in your life. The secret is in the Action Steps.

Take Action Steps Into Your Future

When you experience PSYCH-K, you choose which self-limiting beliefs are changed in your subconscious mind's programming. With that accomplished, it's now time to link your conscious mind and habits with these new self-enhancing beliefs by opening and accessing the new program. Think of it this way: you're opening a software icon that you recently added to your computer's operating system. You're bringing the changes into your everyday life. Your conscious mind needs this experience to be linked into your transformation.

Create the Link Between Your Subconscious and Conscious

At the conclusion of each PSYCH-K session, you'll be asked to create an Action Step to begin the creative reality of the link between your new self-enhancing subconscious belief and your action-oriented, analytical conscious mind.

The Action Step needs to be something you could not do before due to the self-limiting belief. For example, if your previous subconscious programming included having a people-pleasing personality that made it impossible to say "no" to others, then yourAction Step will probably include something like speaking up for yourself for the first time.

You are in the Driver's Seat of Your Life

Your motivation and determination are key elements to your success

As a PSYCH-K Facilitator, I've found that the people who are the most self-motivated and determined experience greater success following their PSYCH-K sessions. It's the people who are "all in" who not only follow through on the Action Step they decided upon at the conclusion of their PSYCH-K session within 24 to 48 hours, but they implement other Action Steps soon after in their determination to maximize the transformation and bring it to fruition.

You've got this

Your transformation is ultimately yours. Each of our lives is a Hero's Journey...the choice to step into the fullness of your life's potential is yours.

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