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Time for a change

Are you ready to reach the potential you're capable of?

While in line at Panda Express the other day, I noticed the man behind me was holding a book about bad habits. When I asked him about it, he said, "I've tried everything to change a couple of bad habits. I'm hoping this book will work."

I checked that book out at Barnes and Noble the next day. It's not going to help. The book was all about "why" of bad habits, not how to change them.

When I think back to the bad (a.k.a. self-limiting) habits that had a hold over me before I discovered PSYCH-K, I feel relief and gratitude that I am free of the compulsive habits that used to rule my life. Before PSYCH-K, my life - my thoughts, emotions, verbal statements, and actions - were ruled by seemingly unstoppable anxiety. With PSYCH-K in my life, the rare moments of anxiety are easily transformed into focused opportunity. I've achieved the goal I set for myself in the wake of 9/11:

“When I'm a part of situations that elicit crisis and panic, I'm calm and clear-headed, ready to lead the event to the most possible postive outcome.”

Now I am known as the person to have in the room when contentious situations are anticipated because there's something about my calm energy and way of relating to others that naturely disfuses anger and frustration in others. My life is my own and I'm making a difference living a meaningful life with purpose.


Check out the rest of my website and information from others such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Rob Williams, and others who have great insights into the paths for reaching your potential and what is possible in your life.

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